Camilla Groen

Copywriter and Coach

She comes with my highest recommendations.

"Erika has taken a big burden off my shoulders. The social media process runs so much smoother with her help and she designs social media posts that are beautiful and in line with my personal brand.

She is quick to adopt to new software and new instructions, and despite of my content being in a language she doesn't speak, Erika has no issues fulfilling the tasks. She comes with my highest recommendations."

She got started so fast and had a strong and positive impact immediately

"It was such a pleasure to work with Erika! She helped me with Social Media Strategy on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. She had great content ideas and made files to layout the plans and strategies for everything.

She made different graphics on Canva and other apps and they are beautiful! She also did an incredible job with my email marketing. Every newsletter was unique and special. She always took the time to make it creative and informative for users.

Erika is so professional, kind, and reliable. She got started so fast and had a strong and positive impact immediately. I was so impressed. She's amazing!"

Yoga teacher and Therapist

Kaleena Stroud


I hardly needed any revisions!

"Erika first helped me with some ad hoc design projects. As a copywriter, design is not my strong suit and I really needed reliable help.

Erika took my instructions and produced amazing quality on the first try. I hardly needed any revisions! I have since hired her to do my Instagram visuals.

She understands the assignment, who I am as a brand/solopreneur, and knocks it out of the park."

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